At CAROLINA RONDEROS we have always been concerned about our processes and their impact on the environment. At least 70% of our products are made from natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, tencel and ramie, or recycled such as polyester, cotton, polyamide and nylon. We also use “fabric ends” on our garments to reduce fabric waste. All our machinery saves energy and our packaging is made with recycled cardboard. We also have an Up-cycling line where we collect denim garments that people no longer use and we give them a new life.

Do you have jeans that you no longer wear? Denim jeans are one of the most polluting garments in the world.

What effects does the production of a classic jean have on the environment?
- Waste of 2000 liters of water - Production of 13 kilograms of CO2 emissions - Production of half a kilogram of chemicals - Production of 10 kilograms of dyes and chemicals

Please donate the jeans you no longer wear so we can upcycle them and give them a second life. In exchange we will give you a bonus of $ 50,000 Colombian pesos redeemable in any piece of the brand. If you are a man, take this opportunity to treat your girlfriend, wife or mother.

Join the change and do your bit!

What is Up-cycling?
Upcycling is a process that consists of taking advantage of recyclable materials to create new products with a value greater than the original. The materials are once again useful giving a second life to the initial garments.

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