The collection AMMA, which in Gunadule’s native language translates “maker of life”, is born from our roots, our ancestors and those ancient craftsmanship techniques that are part of our history. The collection is inspired by the abstraction and reinterpretation of molas, a handcraft made by Gunadule women symbolizing protection, routes or maps.

AMMA brings to light what is inside, what supports the beautiful outer shell. Those stitches that hold the fabric, both when making a coat and when embroidering a mola. That indigenous blood that runs through our veins is transformed into elements with textures and reliefs extracted from the molas. The manipulation and transformation of a fabric as old, universal and resistant as Denim allows us to reuse it and modify it. Just like us, these garments have a story, a life where they are reborn through a word that resonates till infinity, the one we call AMMA.

The mola as a hand embroidery technique is the protagonist in this collection that through its vibrant colors makes each piece unique and special. Other techniques such as macramé and ribbon weaving make this collection the representation of our beginnings, where it all began … an ancestral and artisanal legacy.

This collection celebrates crafts and its importance in the history of cultures. Black is the predominant color, allowing all the attention to be directed to the details, textures, and color accents. Pieces with personality that allow you to communicate without having to say a word.

Softness, femininity and sensuality are the characteristics of each look in the collection. Layers of fabric over fabric and intertwined satin threads are the main focus in each garment that evoke the ripples and shapes that the gusts of the wind create in the sky. The garments are worked in single tones allowing all the attention to be directed to the details, textures and color accents.

Elegance, seduction and empowerment, three words that describe this collection that exalts the storm by capturing the visual magic that is created between chaos and perfection. Structured silhouettes, molded torsos, shapes with volume and the use of black and white evoke the drama caused by the storm. The implementation of upcycling a traditional fiber such as Denim and the handling of textures give a new and sophisticated air to the collection.

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